8, One-Hour Sessions

Is your student struggling with a specific skill, book, essay, etc?

These sessions can help hone skills that your student may be struggling with. Learning comes with practice, patience, and consistency, so this option would help your student improve on something specific.

All eight sessions will be tailored to your student's needs to help them improve. These can be scheduled far apart or close together. Whatever works for you.

This option offers consistency for your child's educational needs.

Duration: 8 sessions (1 hour each)


This can be paid all at once upfront or after each session.

There are two ways I offer service:

These sessions will be held in my home where a quiet productive space is offered so your student can focus and get individual help. If you choose this option, I will give you all the information during our initial consultation.


I will set up a Zoom meeting, and all your student needs to do is hop on during our scheduled meeting. This can be done in the comfort of your home. This allows us to connect if we are not in the same area as well.

Before the sessions start, we will have a phone conversation with you and your students about what you would like to accomplish during the tutoring session(s). I may ask you to give me access to rubrics, assignments, names of books, or other resources that will allow me to best help your child in the session.

This consultation will be scheduled after we schedule the first tutoring session for no extra charge.